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​Spread the good news and let the people go back to the natural way of life, the righteous way of life, that is, being vegetarian, being virtuous, keeping the precepts, and living a simple life and positive thinking.

Then our world will be no problem.

And we will probably live a few more thousand years in a better condition.
Actually, in the future, if we get over this year 2000 apocalypse crisis, we will be able to develop further in the future. And I can probably imagine that the people in the future after year 2000 won't have to work so hard.

We will have a different system, a wiser system, and people will probably work for hobby only. And we probably won't need money.

Everyone will produce what we have and then we share with each other. Will be better. But that is what I imagine. I hope it will come true.

I think it might.
At the moment, we work a lot for nothing. We work a lot, we earn little, and waste a lot of our time which we could use for more intelligent practices.

Because actually if a man has more time, he can contribute more also. In his relaxed time, he can produce, he can learn, he can train himself in another way of work, and he can use his intelligence for his hobby developing.

And sometimes people put more energy in their hobby and then it produces better results.
​I think everyone should work only half a day. That should be enough. 

And the other half day should be used for hobbies, whatever they like to develop or their own invention, their own research.

Hobbies don't always mean useless speaking or football, or anything like that. Anything done voluntarily under their own will and intelligence is called a hobby.

But a hobby can be very productive and helpful to society.

Maybe in the future, we can go to that.